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One of the most spectacular cities in Europe, Nice, France, will be the host of the 4th edition of the International Conference on Future of Social Sciences – ICFSS 2021.

We invite you to join us for three days of learning, sharing your unique perspective, engaging with your peers during presentations and networking sessions, and immersing yourself in the vibrant environment of the leading social sciences conference.

If you can’t join us in Nice, make sure to register as a virtual attendee. This way, you don’t have to miss out on the high-quality content of the event, and, you can even join as a virtual presenter!

ICFSS has earned the reputation of being one of the most prestigious social science conferences in the world. That’s, in large, thanks to the quality of discussions and topics presented at the event. From covering disruptive trends to zooming in on challenges that your peers research on local and regional levels, the conference program will delight every attendee.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of the most awaited social science conferences of 2021.

social sciences conference
social sciences conference

History of Social Sciences Conferences

The audience was as engaged as it was diverse. Attendees came from different countries Make sure you don’t miss out on the fourth edition and grab your pass now.

Being a speaker at the social sciences conference allows you and your work more exposure, gives you the opportunity to get feedback from the audience and expands your networking opportunities. So, submit your manuscript and book your presentation slot now.

To experience a two-way knowledge transfer and a detailed discussion with a truly interested audience who may have firsthand knowledge of the field, submit your research work to the social sciences conference as a Poster presentation.

Without all the travel, planning, and costs involved in the in-person conference, you can present, network and discuss your work even more in real-time with all participants at social sciences Conference virtual sessions.

No intention to have a presentation at an academic conference on social sciences, you can join us and be an attentive active listener not only to share your insights at the Q&A sessions but also to be exposed to several networking opportunities with peers.

The most important dates to remember are as follows:

Paper Submission Deadline

27 August 2021

Registration Deadline

06 September 2021

Conference Dates

17 – 19 Sep 2021

Keynote Speakers

social sciences conference

Dr. Zeljka Bagaric

Assistant Professor, Communicology, Media and Journalism Department, State University North, Croatia

Zeljka Bagaric holds a PhD degree in Information and Communication Sciences, and M.A. degree in Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, both from University of Zagreb. She is Assistant Professor for Communication sciences at Communicology, Media and Journalism Department at State University North, were she teaches and conducts research. The study topics ranging from transmedia literacy and social inclusion to penal rehabilitation and art therapy. She is also designer and project lead of number of EU projects.

The main motivation behind this speech is the search for an answer to a question whether journalists are educated enough on the subject of social inclusion. Are they skilled for creating a media agenda that supports the identity of marginalized groups? The speaker will highlight that strengthening the social, intercultural and other professional competences for media reporting which serves as an inclusive platform can be successfully established in form of academic service-learning courses. She will argue that achieving the transformative media effects requires transformation of professional competences and value systems both lecturers and students so that could accept social justice as a permanent feature of their profession.

social sciences conference

Dr. Jorn van Rij

Senior Researcher, The Netherlands National Police

Jorn van Rij is a senior researcher at the intelligence unit of the Netherlands National Police working on human trafficking and organized crime. His main focus is on strengthening international cooperation and the use of innovative technology to identify victimization and perpetration online. In the past he was an appointed an international expert for several European anti-trafficking projects, he was also involved in projects from Frontex, ICMPD, the UNODC and IOM and he was a member on the advisory committee for the pilot project: advising on the victimhood of human trafficking by the Dutch Ministry of Justice. Jorn holds a BSc and MSc (hon.) in Criminology from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (NL) and a PhD (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of Pécs (HU). He also received an honorary doctorate from GTUNI in Tbilisi for his work in Georgia.

Call for Papers

The conference is seeking submissions related to the following conference topics. Other related tracks and topics will also be considered.

social sciences conference

Aging, Ambient awareness, Anti-vaccination, Black Lives Matter, Caring or Research for the Elderly, Child Research, Class, Cliques, Conflict theory, Consumerism, Counter-cultures, Cults, Cultural appropriation, Cultural assimilation, Equal pay, Ethic in Society/Online Society, Ethnicity, Family issues, Family Research, Fandom, Fashion trends, Flocking behavior, Gender Issues, Globalization Impacts, Mass Media, Nationality, Occupy movement, Online dating, Online Society/Online Community, Patriotism, Police brutality, Poverty gap, Protest, Social media activism, Social Policy and Social Legislation, Social Psychology, Social Research or Social Science, Social stratification, Social Works in Modern Society, Spirituality and religion, Stereotypes, Sub-cultures, Superstitions, Technology/Criminology in Society, Twitter, Workplace, Youth culture

Advertising , Bias, Bot journalists, Cartoons, Comic strips, Communication Arts , Communication Management, Education Communications and Technology , Embedded journalism, Fake news, Film, Information Communication , Journalism, Language and Communication , Media ethics, Memes, Press embargoes, Privacy, Publishing, Radio, Slanting, Social media as social justice, Social media literacy, Social networking, Tabloids, Television , Yellow journalism

Alt-right, Automatic voter registration, Bernie Sanders, Campaign finance laws, Congressional Review Act, Debates, Democratization, Donald Trump, Effect of mass media, Environmental Protection Agency, Executive actions, Executive power- limits of, Facebook campaigning, Gerrymandering, Governmental Systems & Practices, History of Western Political Thought, International Affairs and Strategic Studies, International Relations, Line item veto, Mutual defense alliances, National Popular Vote Bill, Open government, Parliamentary system, Political Economy, Political Science, Politics and Ethics, Populism, Pork barrel legislation, Presidential campaign, Presidential campaign, Public Administration and Policy, Reforming and Consolidated, Regional Studies, Regulations, Social democracy, Super PACs, Supreme Court powers, Transparency, Voter turnout, Western Constitutional Thought

Capital punishment as deterrent, Civil Law, Climate Change Law, Community policing, Conflict of Laws , Copy Right Law, Crime statistic reporting, Criminal Law , Cyber crime, Death penalty, Domestic violence, Economic and Financial Law, Fiber evidence, For profit prisons, Forensic genealogy, Forensic geology, Fraud, Hate crime, Hate groups, Identity theft, Illegal drug use, Innocence projects, International Human Right Law, International terrorism, Labor and Social Law, Legal History, Legalization of marijuana, Lethal injection vs. electric chair, Mandatory minimum sentencing, Plea bargaining, Presumptive parole, Prison overcrowding, Prostitution, Public Law , Racial profiling, Rehabilitation in prison, Riots, Serial killers, Sodomy laws, Undercover police, Voting rights for felons, Warren court, Witness protection program

Anthropology, History and Geography, Human Geography, Linguistics, Literature and Poetry, Museums & heritage, Music and Art, Philosophy, Regional Studies, Religious studies

Adult and Continuing Education, Civic Education and Leadership, Distance Education, Early Childhood Education , Education Policy, Educational Theory, E-Learning, Psychology and Counseling , Rehabilitation Counseling , Special Education

Social sciences conference proceedings (ICFSS)

  • All accepted research papers will be published and indexed in the conference proceedings.
  • Each Paper will be assigned Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from Cross Ref.
  • The proceedings shall be submitted to Google Scholar for Indexing.
  • The Conference Proceedings will be published with an ISBN in a soft form.
  • All papers have publication opportunities in ISI and Scopus indexed journals.
  • All papers have publication opportunities in various indexed international journals.

All accepted papers will be published in the conference Proceeding ISBN 978-609-485-197-1. All full papers sent for conference proceedings will be accepted through a double blind review process and will be published electronically in proceedings with a DOI number.

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Attending an academic social science conference, ICFSS 2021, will provide an opportunity to network and share thoughts on recent advances with other academics and experts in the same or similar fields.

The beautiful Nice, a city of character

Nice is the capital of the Cote D’Azur, and thousands of tourists from across the globe travel to one of the most charming, historic and beautiful cities in France. From the thriving Promenade des Anglais that hugs 7km of the gorgeous coastline in the South of France to the historic old town with squares lined with al fresco style dining; Nice really is the ideal holiday destination for both families and couples alike.

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Nice’s Attractions

Promenade des Anglais The seaside boardwalk that runs along the ...
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Social Sciences Conference Venue

Hôtel Nice Beau Rivage

24 Rue Saint-François de Paule, 06300 Nice, France

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