Conference History

3rd Round history

Due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, Oral speakers of the 3rd International Conference on Future of Social Sciences (ICFSS) announced their decision to be shifted to Virtual presentation mode. Therefore, the ICFSS Organizing Committee decided to hold the conference entirely Online. The Virtual presentations were delivered via an online electronic forum (Webinar), where the participants engaged in lively discussions during the conference.

Highlighted Speakers

Author Article Title Institution
social sciences conference Mrs. Maria Kalfa The depiction of gender-based violence and female homicide in public discourse Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Ms. Yiying Qiu What are the current practices of surrogacy in China Shanghai Shangde Experimental School, China
social sciences conference Dr. Sezin Aktepe Artik The new arbitration law and practice in UAE Altinbas University/ InShield Int. Consultancy, United Arab Emirates
Miss. Xinyu  Wang Fight for the Poor: Grassroots NGOs and Educational Assistance in China Xuzhou NO.1 Middle School, China
Mr. Ian  McGowan Education, Globalization, Cultural Diversity and a Revised Human Development Index for the Caribbean Region: Findings & Policy Implications University of Technology, Jamaica
Dr. Sladjana  Živković Infinitive Patterns in English in the Register of Information and Communication Technologies Coleege of Applied Technical Sciences, Serbia
Dr. Zeljka  Bagaric Inclusive journalist education in Croatia: transformative potential of media University North, Croatia
Mr. Juan Pablo  Sanchez King Experiences of international PhD. students under the COVID-19 lockdown: Social closeness in physical distancing times can be an effective stress antidote. Boston College, Mexico
Miss. Ragini  Kapoor The Dharma of Ecology – Contemporary Narratives of Environmental Politics University of Delhi, India
Dr. Ai-Ling  Kan Spoken Vocabulary to English Language Learners in K-12 Math and Science Classroom National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Mrs. Alexandra  Juster Juli Zeh’s Corpus Delicti: Between Dystopia/Utopia and Coronavirus crisis Universidad de Córdoba, Spain
Dr. Adirek  Vajrapatkul The Linkage between Governance and Growth School of Economic, Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University, Thailand
Dr.  Jorn van Rij Male Offenders of Domestic Sex Trafficking: A Multi-Case Study CKM/Fier, Netherlands
Ms. Emma Simons Male Offenders of Domestic Sex Trafficking: A Multi-Case Study CKM/Fier, Netherlands
Miss. Pisey Toch The Impact of Emotional Attachment in Volunteer Tourism Pusan National University, South Korea
Ms. Thumira  Gunasena Conceptualization of ethnic identity formation in Sri Lanka: An explanation to the evolution of ethnic conflict University of Auckland, New Zealand
Miss. Rudina  Mita The position of the woman from Elbasan in the family and society during the years 1925-1939 “Aleksander Xhuvani”, University, Albania
Mrs. Sena  KARADUMAN İŞLEK Monitoring Employees at Workplace from the Perspective of Data Protection ARI Attorneys at Law, Turkey