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social sciences conference

Dr. Makedonka Radulovic

Associate professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, University St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, North Macedonia

Presentation Topic: Family transformations and the future of social sciences

For the past nine years, she has been teaching at the Department of Family Studies in the Faculty of Philosophy, where she focuses on several teaching and research areas, including Family Planning, Contemporary Challenges of Families in Europe, and Family in EU strategies. As a professor, she leads various subjects within the family studies program, including Family Health and Healthcare, Traditions of European and Macedonian Families, and Family and Marriage Education and Communication.

Her research interests lie in the field of family issues, family health, and European Union social politics. She has published three monographs and several scientific papers in reputable scientific journals and proceedings. Over the years, she has actively participated in numerous domestic and international conferences, seminars, research projects, and educational initiatives that focus on the family, parenting, and gender equality.

social sciences conference

Dr. Ljupka Naumovska

Dr. Ljupka Naumovska is an assistant professor at the world-renowned Rennes Business School in France where she examines the trends and policies that help shape the ever-shifting marketing environment. She is a respected educator, consultant and life-long learner. She has spent much of her time making a difference in academia: as an assistant professor and as a visiting lecturer in Universities in Macedonia, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, France and U.S. A significant portion of her nonacademic work is dedicated to consultancy in the field of marketing, branding, political marketing and PR. For her teaching, she was rewarded with Teaching Excellence reward in 2021. But Ljupka’s impact goes far beyond the classroom. She is enthusiastically supportive of start-ups that constructively ‘move the planet forward’, and, she is a consistent voice on the need for women to play a much larger role in all aspects of society. As a proud activist and feminist, she is compelled to campaign for gender equality and social justice.

Dr. Muhammad Ajib Bin Abd Razak

Dr. Kalimah Ibrahiim

Dr. Dr. Muhammad Ajib Bin Abd Razak is a Senior lecturer in the Center for Research in Psychology and Human Well-Being, National University of Malaysia. He is a registered counsellor, and the Malaysian Psychological Association member. Her interests include Counseling Psychology, Family and Couple Counseling, Rehabilitation, and Counseling Islamic Heresy.

social sciences conference

Dr. Kalimah Ibrahiim

Dr. Kalimah Ibrahiim is an Associate Professor and Occupational Therapy Programme Lead at Buckinghamshire New University, Council Member and Chair of the England Board at the Royal College of Occupational Therapists and British Association of Occupational Therapists. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including health and social care, public health, prisons, and quality improvement. Kalimah's research interests include health service research, health justice, social transformation, prisons, digital and health literacy.

Sutapa Roy

Dr. Sutapa Roy

Dr. Sutapa Roy is currently the Principal (head of the institution) of a distinguished women’s college in Calcutta, India. She has been an accomplished educator and mentor for the past two decades as the Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy. Her areas of expertise encompass diverse domains of sociology and philosophy. Being a devoted researcher, she has an impressive portfolio of over sixty published articles in nationally and internationally reputable journals and has authored various noteworthy books. Her current research interest is to explore the impact of yoga on the overall physical and mental well-being of individuals. She has hosted, chaired, and organized a multitude of seminars and webinars promoting social awareness amongst today’s youth about contemporary socio-economic challenges that afflict modern society. She is also a certified psychological counselor and is the Director of the National Health Care Academy (NHCA) in Singapore. In recognition of her tireless commitment to women's empowerment through education for the past twenty-three years, she has been bestowed with honor by the Icons of Asia and World Leaders Forum. Beyond her academic pursuits, she fervently aspires for spiritual enlightenment.

Burçin Akın Sarı

Dr. Burçin Akın Sarı

Dr. Burçin Akın Sarı continues her studies as an assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at Başkent University. Dr. Burçin Akın Sarı has been working on anxiety disorders, mHealth applications, digital phenotyping, AI, individual differences, and feminist psychotherapy. Also, she is taking part in projects funded by national and international organizations.

Kinga Anetta Trufan

Mrs. Kinga Anetta Trufan

Kinga Anetta Trufan graduated at the Faculty of Law and has a Master in European Law. She works as a young legal practitioner at the Advisory Center Faire Mobilität Mannheim, concentrating on legal support for mobile workers, especially from Eastern-European countries. Her research interest is in the field of Transnational Labor Law, cross-border aspects of Immigration Law at European level, Integration Studies and nevertheless the practical results of the principle of the free movement of persons within the European Union.

social sciences conference

Dr. Joyce Onoromhenre Agofure

Dr. Joyce is a Senior lecturer in the Department of English and Literary Studies, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. She is a recipient of awards- Fulbright Foreign Student Researcher Fellowship, the American Council of Learned Society/ AHP Postdoctoral Fellowship, African Humanities Mentoring and Application-Preparation Workshop Grant, and SSRC/African Peacebuilding Network. Her interests include Comparative literature, Environmental Literary Studies, and Peacebuilding.

social sciences conference

Dr. Makedonka Radulovic

Dr. Makedonka Radulovic graduated at the Faculty of Law, Master and PhD in Sociology, European Integration Studies. She is Associate Professor at the Department of Family studies, Faculty of philosophy, University St. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje. Her research interest is in the field of Family studies, family changes and family health.

Efthymios - Spyridon Georgiou

Mr. Efthymios - Spyridon Georgiou

Mr. Efthymios - Spyridon Georgiou is Urban Planner. Also, he is watching the G.I.S professional program from University of Salzburg, Austria. Certificated in cartography science from ESRI. Mr. Georgiou teaches Geographic Information Systems from 2021 to nowadays. Finally, he is cooperative photographer in ICOMOS from Paris. Photographer 2nd winner in the Closing Plenary a New State Capitalism Debates and Directions by Region Studies Association.

social sciences conference

Mrs. Wilawan Bürgel

Mrs. Wilawan Bürgel is a PhD Student in History of Southeast Asia at the University of Hamburg. Her research interests cover historical and cultural relations between Thailand and Germany. Her ongoing research relates to the Prussian Expedition, and cultural exchange between Siamese and Germans from 1862 to 1917.

Smaragda Skordi

Ms. Smaragda Skordi

Ms. Smaragda Skordi works in “Ippokrateio” Hospital of Thessaloniki-Greece as a registered nurse. She has a Bachelor in Nursing and Psychology. Ms. Smaragda Skordi has done studies of Psychology of Work (Msc-Leicester University) and Special Educational Needs (Ma-L.J.M.U.). She has conducted research about psychological trauma, gender stereotypes, burn-out and psychopathology.

Reihaneh Hosseini

Ms. Reihaneh Hosseini

Ms. Reihaneh Hosseini, the only international student receiving a scholarship for the Art History doctoral program at Eötvös Loránd University-Budapest, has devoted her time to researching Iranian art and Feminist art histories, and through Iranian neo-traditional art, she seeks to introduce her Iranian roots to her audience.

Seda Şengül

Mrs. Seda Şengül

Mrs. Seda Sengul had Ph.D degree from Cukurova University in Turkey on poverty studies and demand analysis. Her current position is a Professor in Econometrics, at the Cukurova University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science Department of Econometrics in Adana, Turkey. Her interests include Applied Econometrics, Microeconometrics, Demand Analysis, Poverty Studies.

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