social sciences conference

Dr. Zeljka Bagaric

Assistant Professor, Communicology, Media and Journalism Department, State University North, Croatia

Zeljka Bagaric holds a PhD degree in Information and Communication Sciences, and M.A. degree in Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, both from University of Zagreb. She is Assistant Professor for Communication sciences at Communicology, Media and Journalism Department at State University North, were she teaches and conducts research. The study topics ranging from transmedia literacy and social inclusion to penal rehabilitation and art therapy. She is also designer and project lead of number of EU projects.

Keynote Speech Title: Media as an inclusive platform; teaching as social justice

The main motivation behind this speech is the search for an answer to a question whether journalists are educated enough on the subject of social inclusion. Are they skilled for creating a media agenda that supports the identity of marginalized groups? The speaker will highlight that strengthening the social, intercultural and other professional competences for media reporting which serves as an inclusive platform can be successfully established in form of academic service-learning courses. She will argue that achieving the transformative media effects requires transformation of professional competences and value systems both lecturers and students so that could accept social justice as a permanent feature of their profession.

social sciences conference

Dr. Jorn van Rij

Senior Researcher, The Netherlands National Police

Jorn van Rij is a senior researcher at the intelligence unit of the Netherlands National Police working on human trafficking and organized crime. His main focus is on strengthening international cooperation and the use of innovative technology to identify victimization and perpetration online. In the past he was an appointed an international expert for several European anti-trafficking projects, he was also involved in projects from Frontex, ICMPD, the UNODC and IOM and he was a member on the advisory committee for the pilot project: advising on the victimhood of human trafficking by the Dutch Ministry of Justice. Jorn holds a BSc and MSc (hon.) in Criminology from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (NL) and a PhD (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of Pécs (HU). He also received an honorary doctorate from GTUNI in Tbilisi for his work in Georgia.

Keynote Speech Title: Cyber-Ethnography and the Use of Technology as A Way to Fight Sexual Exploitation