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7th International Conference on Future of
Social Sciences
28 – 30 June 2024 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Explore what’s in store for the future of social sciences!

Welcome to the Social Sciences Conference 2024

Over the last few decades, there has been significant progress and developments in the field of social sciences, both in terms of frameworks and the application of technologies. A great deal of work was put into recording and presenting all this information in the past. However, these need to be updated with better techniques, and educational tools — that’s where ICFSS 2024 comes in. Learn and incorporate these new and improved methods of research and education at this great conference. 

Being one of the most prestigious social science conferences in the world, we have experienced an internationally diverse audience pool in the past and expect even higher attendance and diversity this year

Learn about a range of interesting topics — the effectiveness of early warning by international organizations, the antecedents, and consequences of posters’ regret on social network sites, and the future of theories of perception and representation — that have been conscientiously selected by our wonderful scientific committee. 

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Deadlines to remember are as follows:

Paper submission

07 June 2024

Early Bird Registration

18 December 2023

Early Registration

18 March 2024

Late Registration

18 June 2024

Conference Dates

28 – 30 June 2024

Why You Should Attend Social Sciences Conferences 2024

 Enjoy diverse networking: Embrace a universal platform where you can meet and interact with a large number of academics, researchers, social and political activists, government officials, public and private sector individuals, and so on.

 Present your work: Build your name and experience by presenting your work at this international social science conference. 

 Get published: Obtain a number of advantages by becoming a published researcher, including expanding the reach of your research, promoting your expertise, and discovering new funding and partnership opportunities. 

 Amplify your knowledge: Get educated on all things new, improved, and to be improved in the fields of social sciences. Watch our skilled presenters, get involved in workshops and roundtables, interact and immerse in interesting conversations and so much more! 

Speak at ICFSS 2024

Talk about your research at this global forum. Select from the following presentation formats:

Oral Presentation

Take the stage at this social sciences conference, present your findings, and open up the floor for questions and comments.

Virtual Presentation

Don’t let travel restrictions or geographical bounds stop you from sharing the findings of your research.

Poster Presentation

Summarize your methodology and findings in a highly visual format and engage the audience.

Why Present at Social Sciences Conferences

social sciences conference

social sciences conference

social sciences conference

social sciences conference

  • Showcase your findings to several accomplished academics and professionals, as well as an international audience, receive feedback, and gain recognition! 
  • Delve into the main concerns and problems in your field, and engage in interactive discussions with your audience to present potential solutions. 
  • Receive constructive reviews that will allow you to improve as a presenter and inspire your next research project.
  • Impress potential employers and academic communities with your presentation skills and depth of expertise.

Past Speakers

Kinga Anetta Trufan

Kinga Anetta Trufan

social sciences conference

Makedonka Radulovic

Smaragda Skordi

Smaragda Skordi

Reihaneh Hosseini

Reihaneh Hosseini

social sciences conference

Wilawan Bürgel

social sciences conference

Ljupka Naumovska

Dr. Muhammad Ajib Bin Abd Razak

Muhammad Razak

social sciences conference

Kalimah Ibrahiim

Sutapa Roy

Sutapa Roy

Burçin Akın Sarı

Burçin Akın Sarı

Introducing the Scientific Committee

Our distinguished scientific committee is made up of a host of skilled individuals, and, as such, always ensures that all topics presented at our conference have been thoroughly evaluated. All submissions undergo a quality, assurance, and relevancy check.

Subjects and Topics of Social Sciences Conferences 2024

Get ready to learn all about the trends and tools that will transform the future of social sciences ICFSS 2024 is accepting submissions on the following topics and more :  Society and Sociology, Communication, Politics, Law, Humanities and Culture StudiesLanguage and Literature, and  Education.

Why You Should Attend Social Sciences Conferences 2024

Academic social sciences conference Proceedings And Publication

The Abstracts of all accepted and registered papers will be published in the Conference Abstract Book with ISBN Number. Full papers will have publication opportunities in various Indexed International Journals, including SCOPUS, Web of Science, DOAJ, and many more, or as a Book Chapter.

  • Each Paper will be assigned Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from Cross Ref.
  • The abstract book/proceedings shall be submitted to Google Scholar for Indexing.
  • The Conference Proceedings will be published with an ISBN Number.
  • All papers have publication opportunities in various indexed international journals.

Plagiarism and Ethics Policies

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The 7th International Conference on Future of Social Sciences follows strict anti-plagiarism policies and, as such, checks every submission for plagiarism using Crossref Similarity Check Powered by iThenticate. All articles submitted to the conference first undergo a plagiarism check before being sent to our scientific committee for review. The submission will be automatically rejected at any time if found plagiarized. If you’d like to find out more information about the iThenticate software, click on the following link: